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fc ford clancy property partners

Airbnb can be a property investor's dream. Owning an Airbnb property comes with the enticing possibility of higher returns than long-term rentals, but it can also be fraught with risk. When done right, buying a second home for Airbnb can be a fantastic investment experience, but it can be a nightmare when done wrong. 

How do you make sure you're successful in your Airbnb investment? Before you start looking for an Airbnb agent, the first thing to do is get the RIGHT house. If your plan from the very beginning is buying a home for Airbnb, then there are specific things you should consider and look for that differ from if you were buying a standard rental property.  

This ultimate guide to buying a home to Airbnb is designed to help set the foundations for a successful Airbnb investment property. The following tips come from our expert experience in Airbnb management and assisting investors to make the maximum potential profit a reality when purchasing Airbnb properties. 

Top tips for buying a house to rent on Airbnb:

Local regulations and restrictions

It's always important to check your local government regulations and processes for Airbnb properties. Some local Australian councils have limitations and restrictions on investment properties purchased to be used on Airbnb. For example, in Queensland, the Brisbane City Council’s city plan requires all short term rentals to register and apply for a permit to meet their list of rules and requirements. These rules cover everything from transport to health and safety features.  

Rules vary from region to region, depending on the local council, so ensure you find out what will apply to you before buying a house for Airbnb. 


large outside pool area

You’ve heard it before – location, location, LOCATION! This real-estate slogan is just as important when buying a home for Airbnb.  

Buy your property somewhere that is growing or is already a popular tourist area to ensure there is a demand for your holiday accommodation. If not, you may find it challenging to keep your booking calendar full, and the allure of higher rental returns may instead become a nightmare trying to fill vacancies.   

Point of Difference

a neighbourhood next to the beach and ocean

Look for a property that will be 'saleable'. Imagine your listing on Airbnb. What will make it stand out from the rest? Many travellers use Airbnb to find unique and 'out of the box' properties.  

Guest friendly amenities

If you are buying a house to rent on Airbnb, you need it to be guest friendly.

Consider these popular amenities that attract guests and will help your Airbnb investment become a success:


table and chairs in furnished airbnb

When you start the hunt for buying a house to rent on Airbnb, make sure you consider the furnishings required to list the property. While this shouldn't be the guiding factor, it's important to remember that you will need to furnish the property to list it. Look at spaces that you have the capacity to adequately furnish in a way that will look good on your Airbnb listing. 


If you don't have a huge maintenance budget or plan to look after maintenance yourself, consider looking at lower-maintenance properties.

For example, properties near the ocean with salty coastal breezes or others in the forest with humid, damp air can need extra care to keep rust and mould at bay. Other features like extensive gardens, lawns and pools can also require higher levels of maintenance and care. However, these are often the places and features that attract Airbnb guests, so they should only be a deal-breaker if you know you can't afford the upkeep. 

Additional costs

The allure of buying a second home for Airbnb comes with hidden costs and administration that can often be surprising to investors who haven't done their research. Buying a house for Airbnb IS a great way to invest, but it is not free from work or additional costs.

Make sure you consider the extra costs of each property, including body corporate fees, utility bills, cleaning costs and repairs. Considerations can be as simple as noticing that a house with floor to ceiling windows will be more expensive to keep clean than a house with standard windows. 

Additional features to consider for Airbnb rentals

Interior Design

a bright and sunny bedroom with sunlight streaming through the windows

If you are buying a home for Airbnb, the chances are that you’ll need to furnish it. Styling and design are essential factors when setting up a new Airbnb property. Furnishings help make your property stand out and appeal to potential guests. Once they arrive, the furnishings will also affect their comfort and enjoyment of your property, reflected in the all-important reviews they leave.  

If you want 5-star review worthy interior design for your Airbnb rental property, we have interior designers who can take your vision and budget and turn it into something beautiful. 

We can help whether you want direction with a 2-hour consult to get you on your way or if you want someone to completely take over and look after everything from design to purchasing and set-up. Our interior designers will take your property styling to the next level.

Listing and Managing Your Property

woman searching on her computer for property listings

If you purchase a house to rent on Airbnb, our Ford Clancy team of professional Airbnb property experts is here to help. We are experts in making the most out of your investment while taking the stress and pressure off you.

Getting your Airbnb listing right is one of the most crucial parts of setting yourself up for success on Airbnb. When you buy a home for Airbnb, the words you use, photos, reviews and your host status all play a part in getting people to book with you. We know exactly how to make your listing attract guests and boost your profit margins with our expert insight and skills. 

Owning an Airbnb also comes with many administration and management tasks that are often easier to outsource. However, our team of professionals can take care of everything so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the profits from your new Airbnb purchase. Contact us today if you need help making your Airbnb investment work for you.  

How can an Airbnb Agent help you?

An Airbnb agent is an investment owner’s best friend!

If you’ve got an Airbnb investment property or listing, you’ll likely have heard of Airbnb agents or Airbnb property managers. Whether it’s been a topic of conversation with fellow Airbnb owners, a marketing email you’ve seen or something you’ve been trying to research because you need HELP – here is everything you need to know about what an Airbnb property manager is and does.

What is an Airbnb Agent?

In short, an Airbnb agent takes care of your Airbnb listing, so you don't have to. What they specifically do for you will vary from property to property, package to package. Professional Airbnb management can look different for each company or manager.

At a minimum, most Airbnb property management companies will take over the communication and administration concerning your Airbnb listing. They will also usually take care of the cleaning and housekeeping between guests. 

Here are some of the specific ways that Airbnb rental management can help you

Airbnb guest management

Two rattan chairs sitting next to each other

One of the most time consuming and painstaking parts of managing an Airbnb listing is replying to messages, communicating with guests and managing bookings. Guests want instant responses, and the notifications and emails can quickly pile up and become overwhelming. Professional Airbnb management takes the pressure off you and takes over all the guest communication, helping you keep those 5-star reviews coming in without being tied to your phone. 

If someone has questions about whether your property is right for them, your property manager will help them. When a guest arrives at your property and can't find something, your Airbnb agent will be their point of contact. If something goes wrong during their stay – the Airbnb agent is who they call. Your property manager can take on all the back and forward communication involved in Airbnb guest management.  

Never fear – if you want to be involved in the booking process or some of the communications, a good Airbnb agent will work around you to support you. And if you prefer to be completely hands-off – an Airbnb property manager can entirely take over. When selecting a management package or strategy with your Airbnb agent, you can discuss these things.

Cleaning and housekeeping

Housekeeper cleaning airbnb managed property

Cleaning is easily the most hated job of all Airbnb owners and the thing they are most excited to hand over. It is not a glamorous job, and after some stays, it's no wonder why owners are often looking for someone to ‘manage my Airbnb ASAP’! 

An Airbnb property manager will coordinate a cleaner or team of cleaners to come in and take care of your linen services and cleaning between guests, so it's a smooth transition between stays.  

Cleaning is more than a 'tick the box' requirement for Airbnb and ensuring you get good reviews– it’s a health and safety issue. Especially in light of COVID-19, ensuring your property is well cleaned and looked after is crucial for your Airbnb listing.  

Having Airbnb property managers take care of the cleaning will save you hours of work, numerous emails and constant communication to make your Airbnb work for you. 

Airbnb online profile and pricing strategy

An experienced Airbnb agent will be able to offer solutions for creating, optimising or managing your Airbnb listing online. They should be able to help you get the most out of your property listing by helping you reduce your vacancy rate while increasing your profits. For example, with Ford Clancy Property Partners, you get access to our ‘Super Host’ status, and we regularly see a minimum of a 25% increase in profits for our owners. 

Professional Airbnb management teams can also help you with your pricing strategy and can help you find how much you should be charging per night. Pricing is a delicate balance, as you need to be competitively priced so that you don't price yourself out of the market while also ensuring you are charging what your property is worth and making the most out of your investment. Airbnb agents do this regularly and are in tune with the market they are working within.

For example, with our insight, skills and experience, we regularly help Airbnb owners increase their occupancy rate AND increase their prices to see a maximum increase in revenue.  


A man fixing a door with a drill

Airbnb rental management can be similar to traditional, long-term rental management, where your Airbnb property manager takes care of the regular maintenance required on the property. You can choose to have a regular budget for ongoing maintenance or have your Airbnb agent send you maintenance and repair requests to approve.

Property maintenance isn't always a management option – and only the best Airbnb property management companies will offer this solution in their packages.  

Adding maintenance to your Airbnb property management package means you don't have to visit your property in person and can travel or move elsewhere with peace of mind, knowing that you aren't going to be called out to your property in-between bookings.

What to do when you start thinking, 'I need help to manage my Airbnb.'

sunshine coast arial shot

If you find yourself wondering about 'Airbnb management near me' or are looking for someone to manage my Airbnb - get in touch with us at Ford Clancy Property Partners.

Our goal is to help you get the most out of your Airbnb investment, taking all the stress and pressure off you. We roll up our sleeves and do the hard work to make your investment work for you. 

If you are wondering where you should list your holiday rental property, you’ll quickly find that there are quite a few platforms competing in the accommodation booking industry online.

Airbnb is the clear market leader for privately owned holiday accommodation and dominates the holiday rental sphere. It is absolutely the platform we recommend, but it’s not the only one out there.

What accommodation booking sites are there?

There are a lot of online booking options out there.  Below are four of the most popular and well-known booking sites, explaining what they are and the pros and cons of each. Read on to find out how Airbnb, Booking.com, FlipKey and Stayz compete with each other.


Airbnb is the number one global homestay booking site.  It has over 3 million listings worldwide in 191 countries.  You can list anything from entire houses, rooms and shared rooms.  Airbnb comes with a long list of pros and it’s easy to see why it’s our favourite and the one we recommend.




Booking.com is the biggest travel booking website in the world.  It lists everything including hotels, holiday rentals, flights, car rentals and tours. It is not purpose built specifically for holiday rentals and homestays (it’s designed for hotels and motels), but it is extremely popular and gets heavy web traffic.




You may not have heard of FlipKey until now, but you will likely have heard of TripAdvisor. FlipKey is owned by TripAdvisor and has more than 630,000 listings around the world.




Stayz.com.au is an Australian company but is part of the ‘HomeAway’ brand owned by Expedia in the US.  It is a sister company to HomeAway.com.au, VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner) and VacationRentals.  They have more than 40,000 Australian properties in 2,000 locations listed across all their sites.



If you’re wondering to yourself ‘where should I list my holiday property, then we highly recommend your first stop be Airbnb.  While other platforms can be used, Airbnb has the popularity, features, host protection and everything you could ever need to list your homestay or holiday rental property easily. 

We juggle multiple properties on Airbnb while we manage them for our happy clients (check how it works), and we give this advice based on our experience and love for Airbnb’s host protection and easy use booking systems.  It might be tempting to see if you can get a better deal on another platform, but there really isn’t another option that quite compares.  You will save yourself a lot of time, headaches and money using Airbnb.

Need help with getting your holiday rental online?  Sick of the juggle involved with managing your Airbnb property yourself?  We are here to help.

Contact us today and let us take the stress out of your investment and watch as we do everything in our expert tool kit to boost your bookings and take it to the next level.

Have you got a property ready to make extra money, but aren’t quite sure how to navigate Airbnb? Or have you got an Airbnb listing that is taking up too much time and effort to run, or not making as much money as you hoped?  A holiday property manager can help.

What is a holiday property management service?

Holiday property managers are a valuable asset for property owners wanting to make money from short leases and holiday stays with their houses, units or even spare rooms.  Holiday property management services like ours are created specifically to make your property management easy, and to help you get the most out of your investment.

The services and packages each holiday property manager offers will vary depending on the company, but in essence, most will take over the day to day running of your property listing and take care of things like bookings, guest relations, cleaning and maintenance for you.

Do I need a holiday property management service?

No, it is not necessary to have a property manager to list your property on places like Airbnb and make money through holiday stays, but when you discover how easy a manager can make it and the skill and experience they have at optimising your listing and increasing your bookings – you'll never look back.

People who utilise our Ford Clancy holiday property management services, for example, can expect to see at least a 25% increase in their bookings, an increase in 5-star ratings and also get to take advantage of our super host status on Airbnb.

What do holiday managers do?

A holiday property manager or Airbnb agent will make your life tremendously easier than managing your property on your own.  They will step in to take care of the details in running a holiday listing and look after things like bookings, guest relations and guest contact, cleaning and maintaining the property.

Every property management package looks different depending on the offerings of that manager.  At Ford Clancy, we have developed a package that utilises all of our skills and expertise in Airbnb management and handling AirBnb listings to take absolutely every task possible off your hands.

We take care of everything, starting with creating or optimising your listing and pricing strategy to make sure you are making the most you can while remaining competitive.  We use our professional team of photographers, writers and our tried and tested styling tips to make your property look irresistible and increase its allure.  We then jump in and take things like guest contact and relations, cleaning, housekeeping and laundry, maintenance and emergency call-outs off your hands.

We go the extra mile to make sure your guests are happy and give you 5-star, rave reviews.  We do up welcome packs and house manuals to make sure they have everything they need.  We can even offer airport transfers and transport to make their stay exceptional.

If you are looking for a holiday property manager, we can promise that our team will make your life owning a holiday property far easier than doing it alone.  We will also take it to new levels of success and help you see higher returns from your hard work acquiring and creating such excellent investment opportunities.

Airbnb is an exciting way to increase your property-based revenue and grow your investment.  If you're considering buying a home for your new Airbnb property, it does, however, come with a lot of behind-the-scenes work.  Managing listings, bookings, guests and cleaning are just some of the tasks that come with having a fully operational Airbnb property.

For many people, this is not what they envisioned when joining Airbnb, and we are here to help.  We understand how hard you have worked for your investment and we are committed to helping make it work for you in every way possible.

By managing your Airbnb property, we take out all the stress, hassle, scheduling, and guest relations work for you.  We make your Airbnb look good, book up and running smoothly.

Some of the benefits you can look forward to with our Airbnb management include:

Wondering how it works?  Here’s what we do:

  1. Free Initial consult.

    The best place to start is to meet you and see the property with our no obligation site visit.  You get to meet us, ask us questions and see if this is for you.  We will do a review of the property while we are there and show you what packages we can provide you.

  2. Listing Creation/Optimisation

    Our first port of call when taking on a property is to either make a new listing or optimise the existing one.  With our experience managing multiple properties and making them a raging success, we have lots of tips and tricks to make your property stand out and attract even more bookings.

    One of the key ways we do this is with professional photos and property styling.  60% of a guest’s decision to book a property is based on what they see, so we make sure they see nothing but the best.  We have a great team of professional photographers who will make your property look incredible, and we can offer simple, low-cost tips to take the styling to the next level and attract new guests.

  3. Pricing strategy

    As a part of our property review and listing creation, we will help you find the optimum price point for your property.  If you’re not sure how much to charge per night, we can help you find the perfect amount to make sure you get what the property is worth while also remaining competitive.

  4. Property Preparation

    We go the extra mile to prepare your property and make the experience of staying with you an excellent one.  We put together a welcome pack that greets your guests on arrival and a house manual specific for your property to help the guests find their way around and understand any extra information they need.

  5. Booking and guest relations

    Communication is one of the biggest and most important aspects of Airbnb, especially when reviews and ratings feature so highly in the booking process.  We pull out all the stops to make sure your guests’ experiences with your property are exceptional.  This also means that you won’t be getting phone calls before, during or after a guests stay – we liaison for you and make all the coordination simple.

  6. Cleaning and Housekeeping

    We take care of all the cleaning before and after guests stay at your property.  Our team of professional housekeepers will make your property look amazing, and know all the additional cleaning protocols required for COVID-19 to give you and your guests peace of mind.  Our services include linen and amenities – our team will clean and look after things like bed sheets, towels, toiletries, and washing liquids at your property between stays.

  7. Maintenance Coordination

    We have a great team of tradies on hand to take care of any maintenance at your property.  With your approval, we can coordinate all the tasks involved with the upkeep and maintenance of your property.

  8. Emergency Call Outs

    Our team are ready with 24hr support to your guests, so you can rest easy knowing you won’t get a 5am wakeup call from a guest asking questions or needing urgent help.

Our Airbnb management packages are designed with you, the property owner, in mind.  We are here to take all the juggling, coordinating, managing, booking, scheduling and cleaning out of running your Airbnb property.

Our team of friendly professionals will make your guests feel at home, ensure that they have an amazing stay, and make the entire process one that is simple and hassle-free for you.

Contact us today to find out more and arrange your free property review and assessment.