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What is an Airbnb Agent?

How can an Airbnb Agent help you?

An Airbnb agent is an investment owner’s best friend!

If you’ve got an Airbnb investment property or listing, you’ll likely have heard of Airbnb agents or Airbnb property managers. Whether it’s been a topic of conversation with fellow Airbnb owners, a marketing email you’ve seen or something you’ve been trying to research because you need HELP – here is everything you need to know about what an Airbnb property manager is and does.

What is an Airbnb Agent?

In short, an Airbnb agent takes care of your Airbnb listing, so you don't have to. What they specifically do for you will vary from property to property, package to package. Professional Airbnb management can look different for each company or manager.

At a minimum, most Airbnb property management companies will take over the communication and administration concerning your Airbnb listing. They will also usually take care of the cleaning and housekeeping between guests. 

Here are some of the specific ways that Airbnb rental management can help you

Airbnb guest management

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One of the most time consuming and painstaking parts of managing an Airbnb listing is replying to messages, communicating with guests and managing bookings. Guests want instant responses, and the notifications and emails can quickly pile up and become overwhelming. Professional Airbnb management takes the pressure off you and takes over all the guest communication, helping you keep those 5-star reviews coming in without being tied to your phone. 

If someone has questions about whether your property is right for them, your property manager will help them. When a guest arrives at your property and can't find something, your Airbnb agent will be their point of contact. If something goes wrong during their stay – the Airbnb agent is who they call. Your property manager can take on all the back and forward communication involved in Airbnb guest management.  

Never fear – if you want to be involved in the booking process or some of the communications, a good Airbnb agent will work around you to support you. And if you prefer to be completely hands-off – an Airbnb property manager can entirely take over. When selecting a management package or strategy with your Airbnb agent, you can discuss these things.

Cleaning and housekeeping

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Cleaning is easily the most hated job of all Airbnb owners and the thing they are most excited to hand over. It is not a glamorous job, and after some stays, it's no wonder why owners are often looking for someone to ‘manage my Airbnb ASAP’! 

An Airbnb property manager will coordinate a cleaner or team of cleaners to come in and take care of your linen services and cleaning between guests, so it's a smooth transition between stays.  

Cleaning is more than a 'tick the box' requirement for Airbnb and ensuring you get good reviews– it’s a health and safety issue. Especially in light of COVID-19, ensuring your property is well cleaned and looked after is crucial for your Airbnb listing.  

Having Airbnb property managers take care of the cleaning will save you hours of work, numerous emails and constant communication to make your Airbnb work for you. 

Airbnb online profile and pricing strategy

An experienced Airbnb agent will be able to offer solutions for creating, optimising or managing your Airbnb listing online. They should be able to help you get the most out of your property listing by helping you reduce your vacancy rate while increasing your profits. For example, with Ford Clancy Property Partners, you get access to our ‘Super Host’ status, and we regularly see a minimum of a 25% increase in profits for our owners. 

Professional Airbnb management teams can also help you with your pricing strategy and can help you find how much you should be charging per night. Pricing is a delicate balance, as you need to be competitively priced so that you don't price yourself out of the market while also ensuring you are charging what your property is worth and making the most out of your investment. Airbnb agents do this regularly and are in tune with the market they are working within.

For example, with our insight, skills and experience, we regularly help Airbnb owners increase their occupancy rate AND increase their prices to see a maximum increase in revenue.  


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Airbnb rental management can be similar to traditional, long-term rental management, where your Airbnb property manager takes care of the regular maintenance required on the property. You can choose to have a regular budget for ongoing maintenance or have your Airbnb agent send you maintenance and repair requests to approve.

Property maintenance isn't always a management option – and only the best Airbnb property management companies will offer this solution in their packages.  

Adding maintenance to your Airbnb property management package means you don't have to visit your property in person and can travel or move elsewhere with peace of mind, knowing that you aren't going to be called out to your property in-between bookings.

What to do when you start thinking, 'I need help to manage my Airbnb.'

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If you find yourself wondering about 'Airbnb management near me' or are looking for someone to manage my Airbnb - get in touch with us at Ford Clancy Property Partners.

Our goal is to help you get the most out of your Airbnb investment, taking all the stress and pressure off you. We roll up our sleeves and do the hard work to make your investment work for you.