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fc ford clancy property partners

Airbnb Property Styling Tips

Airbnb hosting has become a very attractive prospect. With the short-stay market hotter than ever, many are jumping at the chance to maximise their investment and gain a successful passive income.

Gone are the days, however, where you could simply list your property and hope for the best.  There’s growing competition, guest reviews and social media that make your property styling and look SO important.

The competitive Airbnb market…

Short-term rentals have boomed in popularity in recent years, even experiencing consistency as the world entered its third year of a global pandemic. With local stays the safest (and often only) option, the Australian short stay rental market has no sign of slowing down.

With this boom in demand comes a demand for Airbnb hosts, and attractive Airbnb properties. If you’ve found yourself hosting a home, you may be overwhelmed by your list of things to consider. From proper sanitary standards to the administration requirements, it can begin to feel like a full-time job. Add the need for styling on top of that and overwhelm is imminent.

Why is Airbnb property styling important?

When it comes to Airbnb hosting, reviews are your bread and butter. A simple shared social media photo can be enough to spark envy and encourage bookings, making your guests do your marketing for you. With the short-stay rental market continuing to heat up, having a property that stands out among the rest is more important than ever.

First impressions last, and how your guests feel when they walk into the space and their experience during their stay will significantly influence your rebooking rates. With so many Airbnb locations to choose from, it might be the minor things that make you stand out, such as having a coffee machine or a comfortable couch to relax on. Consider the individualised experience for your guests and add little details that will make their stay memorable, and you’ll be on the road to Airbnb hosting success.

Get the best out of your styling with these tips

  • Theme it!

Selecting a theme for your Airbnb is one of the easiest ways to find inspiration and achieve a coherent style. This can be based on your location (think industrial for the city or cosy and nature themed for the hinterlands) or the everyday needs of your guests (do you mainly host families or businesspeople?). Once you’ve chosen a theme, you can maintain it through your marketing, your rooms and even your tone of voice when chatting with guests.

  • Personality over personalisation

Airbnb property furnishing often requires walking a thin line between making a space feel welcoming but not like somebody else’s home. Nobody wants to walk in and feel like they’re intruding. The key is to add a cohesive and clear personality to the space while avoiding the personalised items that you’d have in your own home.

Things to avoid include:

  • Family photos
  • Overly religious paraphernalia
  • Handmade amateur artworks (no macaroni art, please)
  • Your personal possessions
  • Items that are very clearly ‘second-hand.’
  • Political propaganda
  • Unnecessary clutter

Have an objective third party walk through your space before presenting it to your guests to ensure that nothing feels out of place or alienating.

  • Don’t underestimate practicality

Staying in an Airbnb should be an inspiring and exciting experience, and often guests leave thinking of ideas to make their own home emulate that of their holiday experience. The last thing you want is to have too many ‘style’ pieces in lieu of functionality.

Think of things that will make your guest’s stay relaxing and easy and opt for stylish versions of these things. This can be a gorgeous yet extremely comfortable statement chair, fresh linen that doesn’t skimp on quality, an incredibly ‘instagrammable’ hanging chair to relax in, or a decked-out entryway to dump beach toys and sandy shoes (win-win!).

  • Be strategic with texture

Styling doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, and adding texture is one of the best examples of this. Switch out your vertical blinds for some light-blocking curtains and add some throw pillows to your empty couch and watch your space transform. Keep your theme and colour palette in mind, and don’t forget to maintain practicality.

  • Bring the outside in

Imagine walking into a fresh, clean space, greeted by local flowers picked just for you. Their scent refreshes you, and the sentiment delights you.

You could create this for your guests by spending some time bringing the outdoors in. Some hanging plants, homegrown herbs and some handpicked (or fresh store-bought) flowers will have your guests raving about their stay.

Bonus pro tip: Invest in professional photos

Your guests will choose your place based on the photos and reviews. There are no two ways about it. While you can only control reviews to a certain extent, professional photos allow you to write the exact narrative you want your guests to read. Proud of your statement artwork? Want to show off your relaxing loungespace? Got a pool worth promoting? Do it all with professional photos.

Afterall, there’s no point in spending time and effort styling your space if nobody will see it!

Need a stylist?

Our Ford Clancy team includes an interior designer that can help you with everything styling related. From setting up a brand-new Airbnb property to touching up your existing one, we can help take the pressure off. 

Our stylists can help you on whatever level you need – from a short consult to get you on the right track for you to DIY, to a complete start to finish service where they find, buy and set up the furniture and styling pieces. 

Take your Airbnb to the next level

The best and most successful Airbnb hosts understand that they can’t do it all themselves. From the styling to the admin, the cleaning and everything in between, it is impossible to do all of it well without some outside help.

At Ford Clancy Property Partners, we can take care of everything your Airbnb needs to experience success in a market that is only getting hotter. Hosting an Airbnb has never been easier with our very own stylist and professional photographer, dedicated cleaners, and linen service that will have your guests swooning. Our team can take your Airbnb to new heights without you needing to lift a finger, so you can just watch the good reviews and repeat bookings roll in.

Get in touch today to chat with our experts about your Airbnb styling or management needs.